Monday, August 27, 2007

missing the camera

I had so many photos I wanted to post, but I hadn't gotten around to uploading them from my camera for almost a month. A few weeks ago, we attended an outdoor family-friendly concert with Eliza and brought our camera. Once we returned to our car, however, I noticed our camera was not with us. Chris became very angry and spat that I didn't deserve to have anything of value. We got in the car and went back to the concert site ASAP. I was relieved to find the hemp shopping bag where I had put the camera (in its case), but then my heart sank when I saw the camera wasn't inside. It had taken us 20 minutes to walk to the car, and in that time, our (overlooked) bag was unattended.

Yes, I'm bitter. It was a half-broken camera, but I could still rig it to work, and some camera is better than none at all. But what really upsets me isn't just that our camera was stolen and that we can't afford a new one at the moment. What upsets me most are the dozens of photos I lost and the hundreds I won't be able to take until I can get another camera. I won't even have a photo of my daughter's 3rd birthday.

So it's going to be awhile before I can post original photos again. I had taken some of my best food photos in July - what a pity. I can't recall what they all were at the moment, but I do remember all our August desserts:

It looks like a lot for a month, but I was able to bring the kamut-hemp cookies and rice treats to potlucks, and that includes all desserts (I didn't even have a chocolate bar) since the only sweet thing I could eat at C's company picnic was watermelon.

The cake was for Chris's birthday. I had printed out Susan's recipe thinking we should have it while peaches are still in season, and even though his birthday was still weeks away, Chris brought the print-outs to me and asked what my plans were for it because he sure would like it for his birthday. I was surprised because Chris is a pie and cookie person who usually doesn't care for cake. But as it turns out, he and Eliza both ate the cake while moaning about how good it was.


veganmomma said...

Major disappointment about the camera. I lost ours in the cuyamaca mountains once, so sad to lose those precious pictures. I remember I even posted on craigslist hoping that some good samaritan would at least send me my memory card. It never happened. My inlaws did buy us a new camera so I am so lucky. I am sure someone will take pictures for you/loan you a camera for E's bday. I'd be happy to.
Those rice crispy treats were awesome!

Kate in NJ said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your losing all those pictures (and your camera)!
Good wishes for a new one soon.

nina said...

It just makes me sad to come face to face with the cruel and unfeeling nature of some people. Why would anyone steal an old camera? I wish I were closer to buying a new one. I would send you my old one that is still good but not "good enough." I should count my blessings that I have one at all. So sorry you lost the camera and all those photos. It stinks when life seems to give you a one two punch.

chanale said...

Sara, Kate, & Nina - Thanks for the sympathy. I know it's only a camera - not like losing a precious heirloom like a great-grandmother's diamond ring (*cough* not like I'd have any experience with that or anything *cough*) - but I do love taking photos of my little girl, and since they grow so fast, it makes me sad to think about not having photos of her for months.

I do have a camcorder that I rarely used. I just remembered that it does have a still photo function, but the definition is so poor that I will only be able to post very small photos that were taken in bright light (also, being 6 times the size of my camera, I can't exactly slip it in my pocket for candid shots out and about).

So even if I don't get a new camera until 2008, at least I'll have some small and slightly fuzzy camcorder-taken ones until then. It's better than nothing. :)