Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy due date to Eliza!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Eliza's due date. However, her birthday is still 2 weeks away. Yes, she has been causing her poor mother great worry even before she made her entrance.

In the last year, she has gotten really into birthdays and birthday parties, yet we have nothing at all planned for her. I feel like a louse, but I'm worthless with parties. All Eliza wants, as she has reminded us over and over again, is to have a cake and for kids to sing "happy boofday to Zaza!" A cake I can do, but she might have to be satisfied having only her parents sing. She went on for weeks talking about Chris's (peach upside-down) birthday cake in August. Sugar makes an impression.


Jenny said...

I'm worthless with parties too- my parents always managed to talk me out of having one, so I have -0- experience with them. And yes, sugar makes a HUGE impression when they never get any! :o)

veganmomma said...

Hey, I have an idea, bring cupcakes or a cake to playgroup and call it her party. Trust me, it will work, and the other kids will be happy to sing to her if it means they get cake too!

nina said...

There has to be a club for moms who are worthless with birthday parties. lol. Citcat's birthday was in the deep of winter. We didn't have any friends that lived nearby nor family. We had a cake (she loves cake for special occassions) and that is all. The kids at story time sang Happy Birthday to her and that's it.

I am already starting to think about her 4th birthday. I want to have at least a party with a few friends for her. It is a tall order for an anti social mom like me. Happy Due Date!

chanale said...

Jenny - I had parties throughout childhood, but then again my mother is an entertainer - I'm not.

Sara - I'll ask on the list to see if it's alright with everyone if I bring cupcakes on the 11th. I'm sure Eliza would love it.

Nina - Citcat's birthday sounds like what I'd prefer. I get so anxious at the idea of parties, especially stressing over invitations and preparation. I wouldn't say I'm asocial, but I'm far more introverted than Eliza - I need a lot of mental space to function well, whereas Eliza rarely tires of being around others. She, however, is more shy than I am when it comes to strangers.

Daphne said...

Sophia really got into birthday's this year too. We don't have any family here, and we're not super out going. So our birthdays are always very low key - although I'm sure Sophia would prefer otherwise - I'm pretty sure she is the poster child for extroverts. Oh and the "cheese"cake recipe is a bit lengthy for a comment so email me at and I'll send it to you.