Thursday, October 18, 2007

diva's 3rd birthday

My baby girl is 3!

All she said she wanted for her birthday was cake and for kids to sing "Happy Birthday." Since we weren't having a party for her, we got permission from her Thursday playgroup to bring cupcakes.

On the left are "cookies 'n' cream" and on the right are "pumpkin chocolate chip with cinnamon icing" (both from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World) - the latter I managed to make soy-free. I liked the chocolate ones better (of course), but Eliza really enjoyed both! And it looked like the others kids liked them, too.

Eliza had a great time Thursday. There was a tie-dye project, but she was too distracted by the swimming pool and other kids.

Thanks to Jen for the great photos from Thursday (posted with permission). My camcorder was missing its memory card, so I couldn't take my own photos, so that's why these are actually in focus.

On Friday, her actual birthday, her dad took the day off work. We started out the day at music class (as we do every Friday morning) where Miss Carol ended class with "Happy Birthday" on the resonator bars. Eliza looks still and quiet, but it really made an impression on her. She spent nearly a week talking about the playgroup kids and Miss Carol and the whole puppet theater audience singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Extended celebration indeed.

After music class, we had some down time at home before going to the puppet theater in Balboa Park to see a bilingual show of "The Little Red Hen" and "The Rabbit on the Moon." There was a sign at the box office to notify them of a child's birthday, so besides the song, Eliza got a coupon for a free visit and a giraffe finger puppet.

We had planned to visit the pumpkin patch in the post-nap afternoon, but poor Chris was out for hours until early evening for what I thought would be a very short errand. One of us had to pick up the monthly co-op goodies and the other had to bake a cake - we both thought he got the quicker job. I baked "apple cardamom cake with lemon-maple frosting" (Vive le Vegan!), and it wasn't terribly attractive with that beige frosting, but it was so good - moist and a little dense like carrot cake. It was more nutritious than the cupcakes with considerably less sugar, but then again, we didn't have a big group with which to share. We each had a slice a day until it was gone.

Finally, we made it to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. The above photo is from the hay ride, which Eliza thought was fantastic (see crinkled nose). Eliza was so excited to pick out her own pumpkins (to paint). Chris and I each got one to carve, and threw in a white one that we'll stuff with chili and bake.

I managed to make it through her birthday without crying (although I almost lost it when I said good-night to my 2-year-old knowing I'd wake up to a 3-year-old).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! It looks like she had a great birthday. I know it is such a cliche, but they do grow up quickly don't they?

Thanks for your comment, I am looking forward to seeing what you and Eliza come up with! We will be doing our project this weekend, and will post on Monday. See you then!

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Birthday Eliza!!!
She looks so old in her cupcake picture!!
They all look yummy to me.

veganbaby said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Daphne said...

Your cupcakes look amazing! It's so strange how fast time flies by - it seems like not long ago at all that Soph was the size of Brenna (6 months) - And now I look at her and can't believe how she's grown. I'm really glad that Eliza had such a fantastic birthday :) and I'm glad that you survived - it's hard for us moms! And happy birth day to you too!

Brit said...

She looks so happy! It looks like you really made it special for her. And those cupcakes look so yummy!! I have been craving everything pumpkin, and have been trying to be a vegan for years. I will look up that recipe.

Jen said...

Awww...I'm glad she had a nice birthday! I was happy to take the pictures. :)

nina said...

Happy Birthday Eliza. You have a great mommy!

It is so reassuring to know that all kids want is to be with their parents, have someone sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes.

The vegan cakes sound wonderful. I've caved in the last three years and allowed a traditional cake. Your cakes inspire me.

Cute photos of Eliza. I love the one on the hayride.