Wednesday, February 14, 2007

future chef

Being Valentine's Day and all, I had to splurge on dark chocolate this week. Eliza got her hands on it before I could put it away. I thought I got it all, but when she came back down from being upstairs for a couple minutes, she was carrying a frisbee with chocolate and tap water (she's fond of the sink):

"Look, Mommy, I made the chocolate soup!"

Her pretty striped dress was wet with chocolate stains, but she looked so pleased and took another sip in my presence, declaring how much she loved chocolate soup. That's a new one!

She is going to be on cloud nine tonight when she finds out we're having Chocolate Cherry Crème Cupcakes (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World). [update: here's a photo from the next day]

"cupcake bliss"


veganbaby said...

Wow. That sounds so good! I keep hearing good stuff about this book.

chanale said...

That book is amazing! Even in the hands of a novice baker like me, those cupcakes were out-of-this-world fantastic. The only problem is that they're so good that I have to limit myself to one batch a month. :)

I have only one tiny quibble about the book. The authors say that granulated sugar run through the food processor for a few minutes can substitute for powdered sugar, but it really can't; I got very crunchy frosting, and I know others on MDC had that problem, too. I was able to find organic powdered sugar, so no problems now.