Sunday, July 08, 2007

rise and shine

I woke up this morning to the sound of the upstairs gate slamming shut. It took a couple minutes to become fully awake, but my first thought was annoyance that Chris (the last one up last night) had forgotten to lock the gate behind him, and who knows how long Eliza was downstairs alone. A little later I heard, "the hands are yucky!" and went to help her clean off whatever she got into, which was clear and somewhat viscous. C soon was up and cursing, wanting to know if I'd seen the mess. I hadn't - I supposed she'd gotten into lotion or such and that I'd find the bottle soon enough. In the washer and dryer nook (located on the upstairs landing) was a slick of our eco-friendly laundry detergent on the floor, more on the clean clothes in the dryer, and one of her stuffed cats was covered as well.

It took the two of us together at least 20 minutes to get it all cleaned up. The hallway bathroom sink was filled with suds that would take a bit to go down, but wouldn't you know it, Eliza couldn't keep her hands out of that and had the chutzpa to complain that her hands were yucky again.

Hours later, I finally have a few minutes to myself while C is watching E downstairs. What a start to a Sunday morning.


Kelly said... so need a break..wanna go get some tea and coffee??
You deserve it!

veganbaby said...

Nothing better to start your morning with some suds. I hope you got some coffee or tea.

chanale said...

I would have liked to have a pot of tea, but I didn't get this until just now at 6, and it's time to start dinner in a few. :)

Little cheers me up like a steaming hot cup of Darjeeling, but I've rarely had any since hot weather arrived. Since summer arrived, we've been keeping four pitchers of iced herbal tea on hand at all times:

1. nettle-oatstraw-spearmint (2:2:1)
2. chamomile
3. red clover-raspberry leaf (1:1)
4. "Languid Lemon" (a recipe I got from a book)

My tea pitchers have little to do with Eliza's mischief, but I guess a tea fanatic will take any excuse to talk tea. :)

Jenny said...

I love a good cup of Darjeeling too. And it sounds like you could have used one after that disaster, although I've switched to iced since it got hot too. I'll bet no one forgets to lock the gate for awhile!

chanale said...

Ironically, there was no mess downstairs - just pee in the little potty. She must have figured there were bigger messes to be made upstairs, and she was right about that.