Tuesday, July 03, 2007

scene of the crime

She strikes again . . . twice in one day. These were just the two major messes (there were several minor ones including the pile of cat barf - it appears both my "kids" are conspiring against me). Any time I set about cleaning up one mess, she'd run off and make another while I was busy.

The first photo shows my carpet blanketed in calendula flowers (used for baths, balms, and such). Also scattered about are empty bottles for essential oil mixes (the full ones are hidden up high in my closet - shh, don't tell her).

A little later, she made a mess in the kitchen while I was tending to another mess. She emptied out a bottle of rosewater and bag of salt; the resulting paste was thrown in Nikita's bowl, apparently. All these items were 4 shelves off the ground. I can't win.

I am determined to install Tot Locks this week (they're supposed to be more fiddle-proof than standard child locks) for my sanity if nothing else. I really should be doing it right now, but I'm so exhausted from this morning that I need an internet break while Eliza naps.


Jenny said...

Wow- she's a champion mess-maker, isn't she?! It wasn't fair for the cat to "help" her either- I hope you got a decent break!

nina said...

Oh my! I hope you got that break.

leng said...

Hey, at least she's, like, a budding herbalist or aromatherapist or something, right?!