Tuesday, June 05, 2007

cherimoya love

I posted last week about the cherimoya fruit I got at the co-op. It took four days to fully ripen, but it was worth the wait.

Half the cherimoya was chopped and topped our Sunday family breakfast of "creamy raspberry oatmeal" (Vive le Vegan!). The other half was frozen and eaten as a dessert that evening. It was delicious, sweet, and creamy! I would have liked to pick up a cherimoya at the co-op this week, but I was obliged to go to Whole Foods instead because the cat was out of food. If only the cat could live on chermioyas. . . . On second thought, I'd go bankrupt if she did.


sarakoopa said...

The first time we bought a cherimoya at a farmer's market we were told they are "good for men". I guess I'll have to check out the cherimoya website to find out more...

chanale said...

Interesting! Here's a blurb I just found on the internet:

"The cherimoya is also considered to be a very romantic fruit due to its heart shaped appearance. The Incas considered it to be an aphrodisiac, and it is said to improve fertility."

Perhaps I'd better not get more after all. We're happy having an only child. :D