Thursday, June 14, 2007

raw lunch

The warmer it gets, the less I want to cook.

1. mock rice pilaf (Raw Foods Made Easy) - Super fast and easy, it has shredded zucchini, pine nuts, currants, and homemade dressing.

2 & 3 - cucumbers & sunflower pâté (Raw Foods Made Easy) - The dip was made in the food processor.

4 - organic oranges from Escondido

Not pictured is the almond milk I made. All my nut milk recipes come from Raw Food/Real World, the don't-hate-me-because-I'm-beautiful coffee table book of gourmet raw. While most of the book is just eye candy for me (since I lack a mandoline, juicer, and dehydrator), I have rotated among the nut milk recipes a since I got the book:

* almond milk
* vanilla Brazil nut milk
* cinnamon-maple pecan milk
* creamy macadamia milk

Eliza can't get enough of nut milk. She looked pleasantly surprised to find almond milk in her travel cup instead of water. I didn't get to drink a drop from that batch. Tant pis.


veganmomma said...

I've been wanting to make my own nut milk, I'm not sure why I never have! The vanilla brazil nut one sounds so good. I also need to get a good raw cookbook, it is like 90 degrees today! All I can ever think of is salad and that gets old! Have you eaten at Cilantro? I love that place!

Jen said...

yum, I love that you buy local!!That is awesome! And yes the almond milk sounds delish! I might have to try that myself!

chanale said...

I haven't been to Cilantro yet, mostly because there's no location near us. Funny you should mention it - I told Chris I wanted to go there for my birthday dinner (in a week and a half).

As for the nut milks, some time ago I paraphrased them (to avoid copyright infringement) here. (I don't know if you have to be logged in to see it.)

My favorite raw vegan site is Freshtopia, which is a video blog. My favorite recipe/episode from it is Apple Chowder - I used to make that weekly all winter long. The last time I hosted the Thursday playgroup's craft day, I made up a batch, and it was a hit.