Thursday, June 21, 2007

she strikes again

Eliza had a wonderful time at playgroup today. To my relief, she didn't eat any of the "beans" (some sort of green berries, which could be poisonous for all I know) she picked off a bush. Once I saw what she had, I didn't take my eyes off her until we left.

Just when I thought she was having a less-mischievous-than-usual day, she pulled a stunt while I was in the bathroom. Can't she be out of sight for two minutes without all hell breaking loose? I found her with her father's razor in one hand and blood above her lip. (Yes, the razor is kept in a drawer with a child lock.) It was only a small amount of blood, which didn't require a bandage and looked like nothing once the blood was wiped off, but it still scared the crap out of me. How many times has she been told not to touch the razors? She stopped trying to grab kitchen knives last month and will now say to herself, "Don't touch - that's sharp - that belongs to Mommy and Daddy."

And before I forget, another bit of today's mischief was emptying dried St. John's Wort all over the carpet.

Some days she scares me.


veganbaby said...

She just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. My little sister has done the razor thing as well.

erika_deanne said...

hugs, as days like this do occur, but just now its part of their exploration of growing right? lol!