Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LibraryThing withdrawal

O, LibraryThing, how I do miss thee.

You'd think I'd get some reading done with LT being down for days, but I find myself checking obsessively to see if it's back up yet. Speaking of not reading, I had it in my mind that somehow I was going to finish the Anne of Green Gables series (which I borrowed ages ago) while C is out of town this week, but instead find myself reaching for whatever is sitting around. In the last few days, I've read . . .

bits and pieces of a couple dozen cookbooks
The Teany Book by Moby
The Raw Detox Diet by Natalia Rose

The Teany Book
was a fun read - part tea, part baking, part history, all wacky. I am so not hip, but a vegetarian tea shop sounds like my idea of heaven.


Jenny said...

I wonder what on earth has LibraryThing down for all this time? I'm definitely going to do start using it, whenever it comes back up. The Teany Book looks really cool, and not surprisingly, my very un-cool Oklahoma library system doesn't have it. I love the Anne of Green Gables books, although I have yet to make it through the whole series!

chanale said...

I've never made it through the whole series either. I read the first three about 20 years ago, and I reread the first three recently, but I still have five or so to go. My friend who loaned them is far too patient with me. :)

There's not a single copy of The Teany Book in the whole city library system here, which serves a couple million people. Most of the books we own aren't held by a single library branch - I just I just have strange tastes.

nina said...

Say it isn't so, I go away for a few days and Library Thing is down. That's really scary because I've spent a lot of time inputing almost 1300 books now. I should really export the data in case something really bad happens to the site.

How into Raw are you? I've dabbled with it on and off for several years. I feel great doing it. Do you get Jingee's daily email. The story of her new child's birth is amazing and did you see her stomach. Also, if I have another girl I just might have to name her Yarrow. If none of this makes any sense, I can email you the link.

We are leaving for the airport to return home in just two hours. I'm trying to get my last bit of Internet fix in before the 30 plus hours without it.

chanale said...

Nina, not to worry - five copies of data are kept at all times. Our data were never in jeopardy, but it nearly gave me the shakes not to be able to go on LT for three days. There are more details about the outage on LT's blog.

I've not heard of Jingee - I'll look her up. I'm a raw dabbler. I tend to eat more raw the higher the temperatures rise. I only wish I had a juicer, a dehydrator, and a mandoline. Those glossy, glamorous photos in gourmet raw recipe books tease me, being limited by what I can make with my food processor.

I was just about to post a photo of the all-raw lunch I made for Monday.

Take care and have a smooth trip home with your adorable son!!

nina said...

I like the idea of Raw Dabbler. It suits me as well. I would love the fancy machines but just can't see spending the money. I broke the glass pitcher of my blender yesterday and had to order a new one pronto. Smoothies with fruit and greens are a mainstay at our house.